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Sunday, August 13, 2017

131 chess engines the letter S (part S3) - download update

131 chess engines the letter S (part S3) - download

EnginesSierzant_026.7z silchess-3.1.7z sillyChess.7z Simon_12.7z simplex097.7z Sinapse.7z Sjaak II 1.0.0.zip Sjaak II 1.0rc4.zip Sjaak-437-win.7z Sjaak506.7z Sjaak519.7z Sjaak-524-win.7z SjaakII 1.0rc.7z SjaakII 1.0rc3b.7z SjaakII 1.0rc5.zip SjaakII 1.3.7z Sjaakii 1.3.1a.7z SjaakII beta4.7z SjaakII.1.2.1.zip SjaakII_beta1.7z SjaakII_MS.7z sjaakii-1.0rc6-win.zip sjaakii- SjaakII-573.zip SjaakII-beta3-win.7z sjaakII-beta5-win.7z Sjakk 2.2.7z Sjakk v2.0.7z Sjakk v2.1.7z skiull-0.1-x64.zip skiull-0.2-x64.7z skotz.v0.2.1.zip sloppy-020-win32.7z Slowchess2.960ca.7z SlowChess2960.7z SlowChess2960d.7z SlowChess2960e.7z slowchess-296-ja.7z SmallC-90-3.7z SmallPotato.7z smallpotato-0.7.0TM.7z SmarThink.7z SmarThink 1.60.7z SmarThink 195.7z SmarThink1.40.7z SmarThink1.50.7z SmarThink1.70.7z smarthink180.zip smarthink196.zip smarthink197.7z smartthink190.zip smash- smatovic-zeta_dva-60da48b.7z Snail.7z snitch1.6.2.7z Soberango Soberango0.02.0.7z Soberango0000.7z Soberango0011.7z Soberango0012.7z Soberango0013.7z Soberango0014.7z Soberango0021.7z Soberango0030.7z Soberango0040.7z Soberango0041.7z Soberango0042.7z Soberango0043.7z Soberango0050.7z Soberango0062.7z Soberango0071.7z Soberango0072.7z Soberango0074.7z Soberango0081.7z Soberango0083.7z Soberango0090.7z Soberango0092.7z Soberango0093.zip Soberango0095.7z Soberango0096.7z Soberango0097.7z Soberango0100.7z Soberango0102.7z Soldat 3_187.7z Soldat3_1.78.7z Soldat3_159c.7z Soldat3_168.7z Soldat3_172.7z Sophy- SOS.7Z sp060.7z spaghetti_Ivan.zip spark-1.0.7z Spartan-TM.7z spike_14.7z st017a.7z StAndersen.7z STING 120610.7Z STING 2.7Z STING 2 VE.7Z STING 3.7Z Sting 6.3 x64.7z STING SF 1.0.7Z STING SF 2.0.7Z Sting sf 3.7z STING SV PV.7Z sting_SF_10_w32.7z Sting_SF_3_VE.7z sting-sf-4.7z sting-sf-45.7z sting-sf-46.7z Sting-sf-4-64.7z sting-sf-47.7z sting-sf-481.7z sting-sf-482.7z sting-sf-483.7z sting-sf-484.zip sting-sf-4a.7z sting-sf-5.zip sting-sf-6.zip sting-sf-61.zip sting-sf-62.zip sting-sf-67.zip sting-sf-7.7z sting-sf-71.zip sting-sf-72.7z sting-sf-73.7z sting-sf-8.7z sting-sf-81.7z sting-sf-85.7z Storm.7z

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