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Monday, August 31, 2015

Jurek Chess Engines Championship - Round 1/16 match 01. Sugar 5.4a - DeepJunior 3-1

Round 1/16 match 01

(31) DeepJunior
(2) Sugar 5.4a
4 games 60' + 15"

Match end in a draw, extra time - 4 games 10' + 10"

Jurek Chess Engines Championship - start 01.09.2015.The participants

Jurek Chess Engines Championship

1.Participants: 32 best engines rankings JCER (as at 1-09-2015) 

2. Temp:  - 60' + 15" 
3. System: cup
4. Start: 01-09-2015 
5. End" 11-11-2015 (Polish National Day)

  1. Stockfish 15070415 x64 - 3261
  2. SugaR 5.4a x64 - 3252
  3. Komodo 9.2 x64 - 3203
  4. Houdini 4 x64 - 3127
  5. Gull 3 x64 - 3087
  6. Fire 4 x64 - 3053
  7. Strelka 6 x32 - 3045
  8. Mars 3.38 x64 - 3042
  9. Critter 1.6a x64 - 3018
  10. Equinox 3.30 x64 - 3017
  11. Bouquet 1.7 x64 - 3003
  12. IvanHoe 46b x64 - 2997
  13. PanChess 00.611 x64 - 2995
  14. RobboLito 0.21Q x64 - 2987
  15. ComStock 3 x64 - 2983
  16. Deep Rybka 4.1 x64 - 2975
  17. Elektro 2.0 x64 - 2941
  18. DeepSaros eXp 6h x64 - 2940
  19. BlackMamba 2.0 x64 - 2928
  20. Texel 1.05 x64 - 2897
  21. Deep Hiarcs WCSC 2011 - 2892
  22. Chiron 2 x64 - 2880
  23. Hannibal 1.5 x64 - 2877
  24. Protector 1.6.0 x64 - 2867
  25. Deep Fritz 14 - 2867
  26. Naum 4.6 x64 - 2867
  27. Andscacs 0.82 - 2850
  28. Senpai 1.0 x64 - 2842
  29. Nirvanachess 2.1c x64 - 2838
  30. Deep Shredder 12 x64 - 2799
  31. Deep Junior Yokohama x64 - 2787
  32. Spark 1.0 x64 - 2783

SugaR PrO RC1 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2015.08.28 - 2015.08.31

280 games download    Temp: 3' + 3", Hardware: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz with 7,9 GB Memory  system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  Book: Perfect 2015    Table created: Scid vs PC 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stockfish 15082916 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Joona Kiiski


 Stockfish 15082916

DeepFish MZ 4.1 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Funfish - modified chess engine Stockfish

Funfish is the modified free UCI chess engine Stockfish with two small modifications: CPU cores auto detection and auto adjust playing strength.

Funfish - download

Zurichchess fribourg - chess engines UCI. New version!

Zurichess - UCI chess engine

Author - Alexandru Mosoi

Zurichchess previous versions

Zurichchess fribourg download

Stockfish 15082908 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Marco Costalba


 Stockfish 15082908

Schooner Chess 1.4.1, winboard chess engine. New version

Schooner-Chess - winboard chess engine
Author -   Dennis Sceviour

Schooner - download

Stockfish 15082821 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Lucasart


 Stockfish 15082821

Giraffe 20150817 (WB chess engine) - new version

Logo by J&S
Giraffe - winboard chess engines
Author - Matthew Lai

Giraffe old version rating JCER=2007

Giraffe 20150828 download

Saturday, August 29, 2015

121 Chess Engines witch A - update location and files

121 Chess Engines witch A:  
Alfil15.7\ Abrok 5.0 WB+UCI.7z abrok_20602.7z abrok_20821.7z abrok_3_0.7z abrok_4_0.7z Abrok_6_0.7z Absolute-Zero1.0.7z abulafia-061-ja.7z abulafia-063-ja.7z AceTM.rar AdaChess-v1.0.7z AdaChess-v2.0.7z adam 3.3.7z adamant1_7.7z adroitchess-03-ja.7z Aice0.97.7z Ajetac.7z Akkad052.7z AKKAD43b.7z AKKAD44b.7z Alaric707.7z Alarm.7z alarm0.93.1.7z ALChess1.5b.7z Aldebaran.7z Alex214.7z alf-109-ja.7z Alfil.13.1.7z Alfil.15.8.zip Alfil11.7z Alfil13_engine.7z Alfil15.7.zip alfil-portable.zip alibaba-137wb-ja.7z alibaba-140-ja.7z alice-060627-ja.7z alichess_425.7z Amaterasu-r22.7z Amateur.7z Amitis 2013-10-16.7z Amitis x64 beta 3.7z Amitis_2013-09-12.7z Amitis_2013-09-12 SSE4.2.7z Amitis_engine.7z Amitis1.0 (UCI).7z amundsen-080-ja.7z amy08_ja.7z Amyan 1.72.7z anatoli_035k.7z andscacs060k.7z andscacs060l.7z andscacs062u.7z andscacs062v.7z andscacs062w.7z andscacs062x.7z andscacs063.7z andscacs064.7z andscacs070.7z andscacs071.7z andscacs072.7z andscacs074024.zip andscacs080.zip andscacs081.zip andscacs082.zip Anechka.7z animats rev.23.7z AnMon_5.75.7z Ant 6.06 WB.7z apep-010-ja.7z Apilchess_105r1b_win32+polyglot.7z ArabianKnight_153.7z arabianknight-1.54.7z arasan14.2.7z arasan15.0.7z arasan15.1.7z Arasan15.3.7z arasan15.4.7z arasan15.5.7z Arasan15.6full.7z arasan16.0.7z Arasan16.1.7z Arasan16.2.7z Arasan16.3.7z Arasan17.0.7z Arasan17.1.7z Arasan17.2.7z Arasan17.3.7z Arasan17.4.7z Arasan17.5.7z Arasan17.5.zip Arasan18.0_all.zip Ares_1003.7z Ares_1003a.7z ares_1004.7z Ares1.0.7z Ares1-005-64.7z Arics.7z Arion.7z Aristarch.7z Aristarch 4.21 WB+UCI.7z Armageddon.7z Armageddon 1.0.7z Armagedon.7z Arminius2014-01-18.7z Arminius2015-08-06.zip Arrester 0x1a.7z Arrester Eagle.7z Asterix.7z atak_68.7z atlas320.7z atlas325.7z atlas350.7z atlas360.7z atlas370em.7z atlas380.7z averno_081.7z AviChess-0.9b.7z Awersome.7z Axchess.7z Ayito.7z Azaad 1.0.7z

On the blog (in the box on the right), you can download a zipped chess engines

First Test Sugar PrO RC2, 2015.08.26 - 2015.08.28

150 games download,   Temp: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Fritz 14
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

Friday, August 28, 2015

277 version and compilation Stockfish - update location and files

277 version and compilation Stockfish:  Stockfish 01_20.05.2015.7z StockFish 120117 x64.7z StockFish 120117 x64 SSE4.2.7z Stockfish 120321.7z Stockfish 120527 w32.7z Stockfish 120902 x64 SSE4.2.7z Stockfish 120907 w32.7z Stockfish 120909.7z Stockfish 120915 x64 SSE4.2.7z Stockfish 121014Q.7z Stockfish 15013110.7z Stockfish 15041021.7z Stockfish 2.2 x64 Win7 PP.7z Stockfish 2.2.1 ofry_v9.7z Stockfish 2.2.2h-GL x64.7z Stockfish 2.3Q x64.7z Stockfish 2.3Qi x64 SSE4.2.7z Stockfish 6 RC2.7z Stockfish 6 RC3.7z Stockfish 6 Release Candidate 1.7z Stockfish A3.7z Stockfish dd.7z Stockfish Dec16-12 SSE4.2pop x64.7z Stockfish IpmanSE3.7z Stockfish.14091622.7z Stockfish.VE_09.by Velmarin__.7z Stockfish_01_10.04.2015.7z Stockfish_120318_w32.7z Stockfish_13031122.7z Stockfish_13032321.7z Stockfish_13040319.7z Stockfish_13041910.7z Stockfish_13050315.7z Stockfish_13050823.7z Stockfish_13051111.7z Stockfish_13051500.7z Stockfish_13051922.7z Stockfish_13060811.7z Stockfish_13061320.7z Stockfish_13061907.7z Stockfish_13062911.7z Stockfish_13070919.7z Stockfish_13071412.7z Stockfish_13071917.7z Stockfish_13072220.7z Stockfish_13072507.7z Stockfish_13072711.7z Stockfish_13073118.7z Stockfish_13080318.7z Stockfish_13080514.7z Stockfish_13080810.7z Stockfish_13081107.7z Stockfish_13081314.7z Stockfish_13081711.7z Stockfish_13082619.7z Stockfish_13090118.7z Stockfish_13091019.7z Stockfish_13091208.7z Stockfish_13091413.7z Stockfish_13091509.7z Stockfish_13092909.7z Stockfish_13101407.7z Stockfish_13101507.7z Stockfish_13102708.7z Stockfish_13110722.7z Stockfish_13111119.7z Stockfish_13111907.7z Stockfish_13112410.7z Stockfish_13112910.7z Stockfish_13113011.7z Stockfish_13120220.7z Stockfish_13120711.7z Stockfish_13121007.7z Stockfish_13121509.7z Stockfish_14010213.7z Stockfish_14010823.7z Stockfish_14011818.7z Stockfish_14012511.7z Stockfish_14012918.7z Stockfish_14020408.7z Stockfish_14020813.7z Stockfish_14021509.7z Stockfish_14022008.7z Stockfish_14030508.7z Stockfish_14031511.7z Stockfish_14032211.7z Stockfish_14032311.7z Stockfish_14032607.7z Stockfish_14040311.7z Stockfish_14042114.7z Stockfish_14042512.7z Stockfish_14043008.7z Stockfish_14050413.7z Stockfish_14052621.7z Stockfish_14060115.7z Stockfish_14060701.7z Stockfish_14061621.7z Stockfish_14070123.7z Stockfish_14071112.7z Stockfish_14071514.7z Stockfish_14072002.7z Stockfish_14072301.7z Stockfish_14080113.7z Stockfish_14081001.7z Stockfish_14082417.7z Stockfish_14083022.7z Stockfish_14090421.7z Stockfish_14091521.7z Stockfish_14091916.7z Stockfish_14092521.7z Stockfish_14092722.7z Stockfish_14101221.7z Stockfish_14102319.7z Stockfish_141026_28.7z Stockfish_14110208.7z Stockfish_14110619.7z Stockfish_14110910.7z Stockfish_14111100.7z Stockfish_14111222_allversion.7z Stockfish_14111505.7z Stockfish_14112600.7z Stockfish_14113021.7z Stockfish_141206_all.7z Stockfish_14120615.7z Stockfish_14120616.7z Stockfish_14121500.7z Stockfish_14121911.7z Stockfish_14122018.7z Stockfish_14122018_2.7z Stockfish_14122208.7z Stockfish_15010220.7z Stockfish_15010221_Geschwentner.7z Stockfish_15010221_Lai.7z Stockfish_150103_allversion.7z Stockfish_15010523.7z Stockfish_15010709.7z Stockfish_15012922.7z Stockfish_15013018.7z Stockfish_15020221.7z Stockfish_15020304.7z Stockfish_15020710.7z Stockfish_15020820.7z Stockfish_15020923.7z Stockfish_15021322.7z Stockfish_15021415.7z Stockfish_15021602.7z Stockfish_15021621.7z Stockfish_15021708.7z Stockfish_15021821.7z Stockfish_15021909.7z Stockfish_15021910.7z Stockfish_15021910b.7z Stockfish_15021910c.7z Stockfish_15021910d.7z Stockfish_15021923.7z Stockfish_15022020.7z Stockfish_15022020b.7z Stockfish_15022111.7z Stockfish_15022618.7z Stockfish_15022618h.7z Stockfish_15022817.7z Stockfish_15022818.7z Stockfish_15030505.7z Stockfish_15030708.7z Stockfish_15030710.7z Stockfish_15030710a.7z Stockfish_15030710f.7z Stockfish_15031017.7z Stockfish_15031121.7z Stockfish_15031122.7z Stockfish_15031208.7z Stockfish_15031220.7z Stockfish_15031321.7z Stockfish_15031420.7z Stockfish_15031422.7z Stockfish_15031520.7z Stockfish_15031521.7z Stockfish_15031521_VinceNegri.7z Stockfish_15031608.7z Stockfish_15031615.7z Stockfish_15031709.7z Stockfish_15031808.7z Stockfish_15031808b.7z Stockfish_15031821.7z Stockfish_15031821b.7z Stockfish_15032001.7z Stockfish_15032003.7z Stockfish_15032023.7z Stockfish_15032107.7z Stockfish_15032309.7z Stockfish_15032317.7z Stockfish_15032317_1.7z Stockfish_15032422.7z Stockfish_15032500.7z Stockfish_15032500_1.7z Stockfish_15032507.7z Stockfish_15032822.7z Stockfish_15032823.7z Stockfish_15032900.7z Stockfish_15032900_1.7z Stockfish_15032909.7z Stockfish_15032909_1.7z Stockfish_15032910.7z Stockfish_15040219.7z Stockfish_150402b.7z Stockfish_15040304.7z Stockfish_15040304b.7z Stockfish_15040304c.7z Stockfish_15040304d.7z Stockfish_15040319.7z Stockfish_15040921.7z Stockfish_15040921b.7z Stockfish_15040921c.7z Stockfish_15041021.7z Stockfish_15041021b.7z Stockfish_15041123.7z Stockfish_15041221.7z Stockfish_15041522.7z Stockfish_15041823.7z Stockfish_15042621.7z Stockfish_15042823.7z Stockfish_15052905.7z Stockfish_15060221.7z Stockfish_15060221_lucas.7z Stockfish_15060415.7z Stockfish_15060522.7z Stockfish_15060710.7z Stockfish_15061317.7z Stockfish_15061716.7z Stockfish_15062505.7z Stockfish_15062710.7z Stockfish_15062810.7z Stockfish_15070415.7z Stockfish_15070908.7z Stockfish_15071221.7z Stockfish_15071521.7z Stockfish_15071521voyager.7z Stockfish_15071608.7z Stockfish_2.2.7z Stockfish_2.2.2_allversion.7z Stockfish_26.12.2012.7z Stockfish_64_VE.06.7z stockfish_kd.7z Stockfish_VE_01.7z Stockfish_VE_01_with_required_dlls.7z StockFish111030.7z Stockfish120430 Intel SSE4.2.7z stockfish-162-ja.7z stockfish-171-ja.7z stockfish-18-win.7z stockfish-191-ja.7z stockfish-19-win.7z Stockfish2.3.7z stockfish-201-win.7z stockfish-20-win.7z stockfish-211-ja.7z stockfish-21-ja.7z Stockfish-221.7z stockfish-222-win.7z stockfish-231.7z stockfish-231-win.7z stockfish-3.7z stockfish-3-mac.7z stockfish-3-PA_GTB-001.7z stockfish-3-PA_GTB-002.7z stockfish-3-PA_GTB-005.7z stockfish-3-PA_GTB-006.7z Stockfish-4all.7z stockfish-4-win.7z Stockfish-5.7z Stockfish-6.7z StockfishA3+libmmddll.7z StockfishAll_14-19.03.2015.7z StockfishAll_19-29.03.2015.7z StockfishBarracuda_23_x64_Trap.7z StockfishMZ SE v1.0.7z stockfish-TCEC6-PA_GTB.7z

On the blog (in the box on the right), you can download a zipped chess engines

Texel 1.05 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2015.08.24 - 2015.08.27

264 games download    Temp: 3' + 3", Hardware: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz with 7,9 GB Memory  system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  Book: Perfect 2015    Table created: Scid vs PC 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

228 Chess Engines witch S - update location and files

228 Chess Engines witch S:  Safrad2. sage_353.7z sam.7z SarosBlitz.7z saros-windows.7z Satana.2.0.1b.7z Satana. Satana. Satana. Satana. Satana. Sayuri 2014.03.04.7z sayuri-2015.02.27-windows-64bit.zip sayuri-r2014.05.24.7z sayuri-r2014.06.16.7z sayuri-r2014.07.23.7z sayuri-r2014.08.06.7z sayuri-r2014.08.16.7z sayuri-r2014.08.21.7z sayuri-r2014.09.14.7z sayuri-r2014.12.14.7z sayuri-r2015.01.08.7z sayuri-r2015.01.17.7z sayuri-r2015.01.29.zip sayuri-r2015.02.02.7z sayuri-r2015.02.21.zip sayuri-r2015.03.02.zip sayuri-r2015.03.08.zip sayuri-r2015.03.13.zip sayuri-r2015.03.20.zip sayuri-r2015.03.25.zip sayuri-r2015.03.27.zip sayuri-r2015.04.06.zip sayuri-r2015.04.12.zip sayuri-r2015.04.23.zip sayuri-r2015.04.24.zip sayuri-r2015.05.05.zip sayuri-r2015.05.09.zip sayuri-r2015.05.22.zip sayuri-r2015.05.25.zip sayuri-r2015.05.27.zip sayuri-r2015.06.02.zip sayuri-r2015.06.10.zip sayuri-r2015.06.16.zip sayuri-r2015.06.25.zip sayuri-r2015.07.09.zip SCE_v1.2.7z Schess.7z Scidlet.7z Scidlet Engines Pack.7z Scorpio_2.76.7z scorpio-277.7z scorpio-27-ja.7z Sdbc.7z SdBC SdBC See.7z Senpai 1.0.7z Senpai-1.0.7z SF MZPrO 32-64.7z SF030115MZ 32-64.7z SF060415MZ 32-64.7z SF061114MZ.7z SF071014MZ 32-64 LP.7z SF091114MZ 32-64.7z SF181014MZ 32-64.7z SF221214MZ 32- 64.7z SF241014MZ 32-64.7z SF-ExtMZ 32-64.7z shallow-rev688-win-ja.7z Shark 141218.zip Shark 141219.7z Shark 141220.7z Shark 150102.7z Shark 150103.7z Shark 150312.zip Shark 150627.zip Shark_141130.7z shutranj-tm-win32.7z Sierzant_026.7z silchess-3.1.7z sillyChess.7z Simon_12.7z simplex097.7z Sinapse.7z Sjaak II 1.0.0.zip Sjaak II 1.0rc4.zip Sjaak-437-win.7z Sjaak506.7z Sjaak519.7z Sjaak-524-win.7z SjaakII 1.0rc.7z SjaakII 1.0rc3b.7z SjaakII 1.0rc5.zip SjaakII beta4.7z SjaakII_beta1.7z SjaakII_MS.7z sjaakii-1.0rc6-win.zip SjaakII-beta3-win.7z sjaakII-beta5-win.7z Sjakk 2.2.7z Sjakk v2.0.7z Sjakk v2.1.7z sloppy-020-win32.7z Slowchess2.960ca.7z SlowChess2960.7z SlowChess2960d.7z SlowChess2960e.7z slowchess-296-ja.7z SmallC-90-3.7z SmallPotato.7z smallpotato-0.7.0TM.7z SmarThink.7z SmarThink 1.60.7z SmarThink1.40.7z SmarThink1.50.7z SmarThink1.70.7z smash- smatovic-zeta_dva-60da48b.7z Snail.7z snitch1.6.2.7z Soldat3_1.78.7z Soldat3_159c.7z Soldat3_168.7z Soldat3_172.7z SOS.7Z sp060.7z spaghetti_Ivan.zip spark-1.0.7z spike_14.7z st017a.7z StAndersen.7z STING 120610.7Z STING 2.7Z STING 2 VE.7Z STING 3.7Z STING SF 1.0.7Z STING SF 2.0.7Z Sting sf 3.7z STING SV PV.7Z sting_SF_10_w32.7z Sting_SF_3_VE.7z sting-sf-4.7z sting-sf-45.7z sting-sf-46.7z Sting-sf-4-64.7z sting-sf-47.7z sting-sf-481.7z sting-sf-482.7z sting-sf-483.7z sting-sf-484.zip sting-sf-4a.7z sting-sf-5.zip Storm.7z STRELKA 1.0 BETA (WB).7Z STRELKA 1.8.7z STRELKA 2.0 (UCI).7Z Strelka Strelka3R.7z Strelka5.7z strelka5.1.7z Strelka5.5_32_64bit.7z strelka55.7z strelka57mpx64.7z Strelka6.7z Strong_x64.7z Strong_x64.exe.7z StrongChess1.0.7z suff0_3a.7z Sugar.7z SugaR 050415 32-64.7z SugaR 050615 32-64.zip SugaR 080615 32-64.zip SugaR 110515 32-64.zip SugaR 130515 32-64.zip Sugar 2.0b.7z SugaR 200415 32-64.zip SugaR 250615 32-64.zip SugaR 270315 32-64.zip SugaR 280515 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0c 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0d 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0e 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0f 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0g 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0a 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0b 32-64.7z Sugar v4.1 32-64.7z Sugar v4.2 32-64.7z SugaR v5.0 32-64.7z SugaR v5.1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2a 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4a 32-64.zip sungorus-14-ja.7z Sunsetter.7z SuperMainsworthy_206.7z Superpawn b71.7z Superpawn b89.7z Superpawn b91.7z Superpawn b95.7z Superpawn.b102.zip Superpawn1.0.zip Superpawnb96.zip Superpawnb99.zip superpawn-windows-x64.7z SUPRA 14.0.7Z SUPRA 15.0.7Z SUPRA 16.0.7z Supra 17.7z Supra 18.7z Supra 19.0.7z Supra 19.1.7z Supra 20.1.7z supra_11.4.7z supra_13.1.7z supra_13.2.7z supra_20.2.zip Surprise.7z Synapse RZ3.zip Synapse RZ4 32bit.zip Szint.7z

On the blog (in the box on the right), you can download a zipped chess engines

Tornado 7 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Tornado - UCI chess engine

Author - Engin Üstün  JCER=2674

Tornado 7 download

SugaR 5.4a wins JCER Test Chess Engines, 2015.08.24 - 2015.08.26

150 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Fritz 14
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jurek Chess Engines Championship - start 01.09.2015

Jurek Chess Engines Championship 2015

1.Participants: 32 best engines rankings JCER (as at 09/01/2015) 
2. Temp:  - 60' + 15" 
3. System: cup
4. Start: 01-09-2015 
5. End" 11-11-2015 (Polish National Day)

180 Chess Engines witch C - update location and files

180 Chess Engines witch C: caligula07b.7z Capivara LK 0.08b04.7z Capivara LK 007s2.7z CapivaraLK008a11.7z CapivaraLK008a11a.7z CapivaraLK008a12.7z CapivaraLK008b01.7z CapivaraLK008b09.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta_61-90.7z CapivaraLK008b11beta13.7z CapivaraLK008b12beta13.7z CapivaraLK009a01.7z CapivaraLK009a01b.7z CapivaraLK009a02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02d.7z CapivaraLK009b02e.7z CapivaraLK009b02f.7z Carballo 0.9.7z carballo-05-jet-ja.7z carballo-08-ja.7z carballo-1.1.1.zip carballo-1.2.zip carballo-uci-1.3.zip carnivor-10-ja.zip cassandre-026-ja.7z CaveChess-0.1.7z CaveChess-0.3.7z Cecir.7z cefap_06_wb.7z Celes 0.75c.7z Celes v0.77c.7z cerebro_303d.7z ChadsChess.7z Chaturanga243.7z Che_1-0.zip Che_1-1.zip Che_2-1.zip Cheese 1.7.zip cheese_14_64.7z Cheese1.5.7z Cheese-1.6.7z Cheese-161.7z chenard.7z Chenard 2015.04.08.zip Chenard 2015.08.14.zip Chenard.2015.06.03.zip Chenard.2015.07.01.zip Chenard.2015.08.04.zip Chenard2015.05.20.zip Chenard2015.06.14.zip Chenard23.02.2013.7z cheng3_uci_v1.07.7z cheng4_035.7z cheng4_035a.7z cheng4_036.7z cheng4_036a.7z cheng4_036c.7z cheng4_038.7z cheng4_39.zip cheops-1.1uci.7z cheops-1.1uci.zip cheoss-0649-ja.7z chess4_1.0.1j.7z Chess41a.7z chess4j.7z chess4j-01-ja.7z chess4j- chess4j-1.2.7z Chesser 1.9.7z Chesser 2.0.7z ChessKISS_bin.1.7c.zip ChessKISS_bin_15a.7z ChessKISS_bin_17.7z ChessMaude.7z ChessMind 0.80.7z chess-one-201-ja.7z Chessrikus.7z ChestUCI_V52.7z Chezzz.7z Chispa.7z Chop.7z chop1099.7z Chronos 199.7z Cilian.7z Cinnamon_1.0.7z Cinnamon_1.1b.7z Cinnamon_1.1c.7z Cinnamon_1.2a.7z cinnamon_win_1.2b.7z cinnamon-11-ja.7z claudia_02.7z CLONKA Clubfoot 1.0.zip Clubfoot-1.0.31eadf2.zip Clubfoot-1.0.ead6245-win8-64.zip Clueless_10.7z ClusterToga-14b5c-ja.7z Cmcchess_V2.5_x86_win32.7z Cmcchess_v2.6.zip coiled_0.2b.7z coiled0.1a.7z Colchess.7z COLOSSUS 2006f.7z COLOSSUS 2007a.7z COLOSSUS 2007b.7z COLOSSUS 2007d.7z COLOSSUS X DOS.7Z colossus2006a.7z colossus2006b.7z colossus2006c.7z colossus2006d.7z colossus2006e.7z Colossus2007c.7z colossus2008a.7z colossus2008b.7z Comet.7z Complete Mainsworthy chess engines And GUI.7z ComStock ComStock 1.0.2 XP.7z COMSTOCK 1.0.2bx.7z ComStock_3.7z ComStock1.0.2a.7z ComStock1.0.2b.7z Conqueror.7z Conqueror 1.2.7z cpw1.1.7z CRAB 1.0.7Z CRAB 1.0 BETA.7Z crab_PGO.7z crab-x64_PGO.7z crafty-23.5-64bit.7z crafty-23.6.7z crafty-23.6_x64.7z crafty-23.7-x64-nosse42.7z crafty-23.7-x64-sse42.7z crafty-23.8.7z Crafty-23.8-builds2.7z crafty-234-ja.7z crafty-236-ja.7z Crafty24.7z crafty-24.0-x64.7z crafty-24.1.7z CRITTER 0.42.7Z CRITTER 0.52.7Z CRITTER 0.52a.7z CRITTER 0.52b.7z CRITTER 0.60.7Z CRITTER Critter_0.34_win32.7z Critter_0.36_win32.7z Critter_0.37_win32.7z Critter_0.38_win32.7z Critter_0.39_win32.7z Critter_0.39a_win32.7z Critter_0.40_win32.7z Critter_0.70.7z Critter_0.80.7z Critter_0.90.7z Critter_1.0.7z Critter_1.01.7z Critter_1.2_allversion.7z Critter_1.2_win.7z Critter_1.4.7z critter_1.4_win_fixed.7z critter_1.4_win2.7z Critter_1.4a_64bit_sse4.7z Critter1.6.7z Critter1.6a.7z Crux.7z cuckoochess-111-ja.7z Cupcake-10.7z cupcake-11a-ja.7z Cyberpagno.7z CyberPagno_2.2.zip cyclone xTreme.7z cyrano0.6b17.7z OPENCRITTER OPENCRITTER

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Scorpio 2.7.7 - winboard engines. New version

Scorpio - Winboard engines

Scorpio website  JCER ranking = 2546

AuthorDaniel Shawul

  Scorpio 2.77 download

Black Mamba 2.0 wins JCER Test Chess Engines, 2015.08.23 - 2015.08.24

60 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Fritz 14
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

161 Chess Engines witch F - update location and files

161 engines: Fafis28.7z Faile.7z fairymax.7z fairymax4.8.7z FAUCE 0.41c.7z FF258_SSE2.7z FF258_x64.7z Fimbulwinter.7z fimbulwinter-5.04-ja.7z Fire 1.31.7z fire 1.31 DC.7z Fire 1.4full.7z Fire 2.2 Phoenix1 w32.7z Fire 2.2 SK94z.7z Fire 2.2 xTreme full.7z Fire_12_w32.7z Fire_13_w32_KLO.7z Fire_13_w32_KLO_popcnt.7z Fire_13_w32_NS.7z Fire_13_w32_NS_no_SSE2.7z Fire_13_x64_KLO.7z Fire_13_x64_KLO_popcnt.7z Fire_132_w32_NS.7z Fire_14_xTreme_beta_w32_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_w32_no_SSE2_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_x64_PP.7z Fire_21_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme.7z Fire_22_xTreme_no_SSE2_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme_NS_x64_2014.7z Fire_22_xTreme_source.7z Fire_22_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme_x64_GH.7z Fire_22_xTreme_x64_PP.7z Fire_3.0.7z Fire_4.7z Fire2.1_xTreme.7z Fire22_Tr4_x32_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x32_SSE42_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x64_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x64_SSE42_LP.7z Fire22_trap_2012.7z Fire22_trap_II_2012.7z Fire22_Trap_II_intel_x64_SSE42.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x32.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x32_SSE42.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x64.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x64_SSE42.7z Fire22_trap_x64.7z Fire22_trap_x64_intel_sse42.7z FireBird_1.2.7z FireBird_10_beta_w32.7z FireBird_10_beta_w32_noSSE2.7z FireBird_10_beta_x64.7z FireBird_10_w32.7z FireBird_10_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_10_x64.7z FireBird_101_w32.7z FireBird_101_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_101_x64.7z FireBird_11_w32.7z FireBird_11_w32_in.7z FireBird_11_w32_ms.7z FireBird_11_w32_ms_k.7z FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_k.7z FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_NS.7z FireBird_11_w32_NS.7z FireBird_11_x64_in.7z FireBird_11_x64_in_popcnt.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms_popcnt.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms_s.7z FireBird_12_w32.7z FireBird_12_w32_new_SMP.7z FireBird_12_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_12_x64.7z FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP.7z FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP_popcnt_KLO.7z FireBirdx64_I7.7z FireFly 2.58.7z FireFly2.5.12.7z FireFly2.6.7z FireFly2.7.7z FireFly2513_SSE2.7z Firenzina 2.4.2-osx.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_popcnt_sse4-2_intel13_MT_SGVAD_LP_x64.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_popcnt_sse4-2_intel13_MT_SGVAD_x64.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_x64.7z Firenzina_2-3-1_xTreme.7z Firenzina_2-4_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2013-12-12.7z Firenzina_2-4-1_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2014-01-19.7z Firenzina_2-4-2_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel.7z Firenzina_2-4-3_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2014-01-27.7z Fischerle_0_9_30b_x64.7z Fischerle_0_9_50_64_or_32.7z Fischerle_0_9_60_64_or_32.7z Fischerle_0_9_61_64_or_32.7z Fizbo1.3.7z Fizbo1.31.7z Fizbo1.4.zip Fizbo1.5.zip fizbo11x64.7z fizbo11x64_no_pc.7z fizbo12x64.7z Flip4IT.7z flybyknight- Fortress_162.7z frank_058.7z franmad019.7z Frenzee_v3.5.19.7z Frenzze.7z Freyr 1.067.7z freyr-1069-ja.7z Fridolin-1.00.zip Fridolin-2.00.zip Fried Shark 141107.7z Fried Shark 141124.7z FRUIT 051103 MAC.7Z FRUIT 061115.7Z FRUIT 061201.7Z FRUIT 061218.7Z FRUIT 061225 (UCI).7Z FRUIT 1.0 (UCI).7Z FRUIT 1.5.7Z FRUIT 2.0.7Z fruit 2.1.7z FRUIT 2.2.7Z FRUIT 2.2 MAC.7Z FRUIT 2.2.1 MAC.7Z FRUIT 2.3.7Z FRUIT LINUX.7Z FRUIT MAC.7Z FRUIT SWF.7Z fruit051103.7z Fruit-051103.7z Fruit061017ax.7z Fruit061017ay.7z Fruit-061115a.7z Fruit-061115b.7z Fruit061201a.7z Fruit061201b.7z Fruit061218a.7z Fruit061218b.7z Fruit070110a.7z Fruit070126.7z Fruit070327.7z Fruit2.2.1.7z Fruit-2-3-1-Win.7z Fruit233f.7z FRUITFLY 1.1.7Z FRUITFLY r1.7z FRUITII 040807 PER (UCI).7Z Fruit-Reloaded.7z Fruit-reloaded-Dann Corbit Win64 builds.zip fusch_01_03.7z fusch_01_06.7z fusch_01_07.7z fusch_01_08.7z fusch_01_09.7z

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sugar Pro RC! wins JCER Test tournament chess engines, MSI, 2015.08.21 - 2015.08.24

280 games download    Temp: 3' + 3", Hardware: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz with 7,9 GB Memory  system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  Book: Perfect 2015    Table created: Scid vs PC 

136 Chess Engines witch I - update location

136 engines:
ice_full_v03_2750.7z ice_full_v2_2240.7z Ifrit_m1_7.7z ifrit-m16-ja.7z Igor6test.7z Igor6test2.7z Igorlast.7z Igorrit_0086v.7z Igorrit_0086v samer.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus samer.7z Igorrit_0086v2.7z Igorrit_0086v2 samer.7z Igorrit_0086v4_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_1t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_2t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_fix.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_3t.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_RBw.7z Igorrit_0086v7_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v7_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v8_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v8_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v9_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v9_x64.7z Igorrit0.086v4x64v2.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixed.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixedPeterpan and Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0.086v6w32added.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008 Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6_Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6fix.7z Igorrit086v4_x64_bs.7z Igorrit086v5_x64_bs.7z Igorritv086v6Mingw64.7z Igorritv4x64v3.7z Igorritx64windows.7z iichess_r19_ ja.7z Ildtiadar0.9f.7z Inmichess.7z Insomniac.7z Insomniac 0.69 wb Fixed for CB.zip IntelliChess 1.0.7z Inuyasha v1.00.7z Ipp3264.7z IPPOLIT.7Z ippolit (2).7z Ippolit 0.080.7z IPPOLIT 0.080a x64 1Gb.7z Ippolit 0080d x64 hpv.7z Ippolit 1.7z Ippolit Popcint.7z Ippolit_b3_all.7z Ippolit0.080a x64 Popcnt.7z Ippolit0080b_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080b_x64_bs.7z Ippolit0080b2_x64.7z Ippolit0080c_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080d_all_bs.7z Ippolit2_091.7z ippolit64.7z iq23v003.7z Ivan4-C1-7c.7z IvanHoe 46e x64.7z IvanHoe 46e x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 47c GH.7z IvanHoe 50kQ x64 SSE4.2.7z Ivanhoe 999946f.7z Ivanhoe B46fb.7z Ivanhoe B46fD x64.7z Ivanhoe B47cA.7z Ivanhoe B47cB.7z Ivanhoe B47d.7z Ivanhoe B47e.7z Ivanhoe B47f0.2.7z Ivanhoe B50kBgx64.7z Ivanhoe B52aB.7z IvanHoe M48n By Chessengine.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta2.7z IvanHoe T0.4.1.7z IvanHoe T0.5.2.7z IvanHoe T0. IvanHoe T0.7 x64 MODE_GAME.7z IvanHoe T49j2.7z IvanHoe T55.7z IvanHoe.x64.VE.f.7z IvanHoe_0B.09.17.7z IvanHoe_46h3.7z IvanHoe_57_x64.7z IvanHoe_57a4_JR.7z IvanHoe_999948i.7z IvanHoe_999953.7z Ivanhoe_B46fC.7z Ivanhoe_B46fE_02.7z IvanHoe_Beta_999946h6_Tr.7z IvanHoe_v73_w32.7z IvanHoe_v81_w32.7z Ivanhoe1945a.7z IvanHoe46h.7z IvanHoe49BetaWH03.7z IvanHoe52fUS-beta.7z IvanHoe52iUTM0.7z IvanHoe63Mod.7z IvanHoe63Mod5 all.7z IvanHoe999946a.7z IvanHoe999946e.7z IvanHoe999946h.7z IvanHoe999946hWHM19.7z IvanHoe999947c.7z IvanHoe999949j.7z IvanHoe999950h.7z IvanHoe999950k.7z IvanHoe999950t.7z IvanHoe999987.7z IvanhoeB46fE.02x64.7z IvanhoeB49jA.7z IvanhoeB49jA1CPU.7z IvanhoeB50kA.7z IvanhoeB50kB.7z ivanhoeb52ab&ivanhoe63mod12dR.7z IvanhoeB52aE.7z IvanhoeB52aF.7z Ivanhoe-B55mPP.7z IvanHoe-B57d_whm01.7z IvanhoeBeta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999952a-Beta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999964-Beta.7z IvanHoe-G 9.47c x64.7z IvanHoe-T Ghost4.7z last Igorrit (v9).7z

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